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In Cameroon, the shortage of dentists is significant, with only one dentist for every 50,000 people, far from the recommended ratio of one per 10,000 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Rural areas, in particular, lack access to dental care, leaving millions of children with untreated dental issues. Dental care is often expensive, creating financial barriers, especially for women, including pregnant women. Neglecting oral health can have severe consequences on overall health, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Pregnant women are particularly at risk, facing life-altering complications like premature birth and low birth weight, making addressing this issue vital. 

A SMILE FOR BABY AND ME is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improve oral health for the most vulnerable among us. We do this by providing access to vital educational materials that emphasize the importance of dental hygiene for pregnant women and children in Cameroon. Through strategic partnerships with dedicated local dentists, we offer preventative care services and affordable dental treatments.

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